Zoom, zoom…..

One of the highlights of a 5 week online course I just finished co-teaching with my friend and mentor, Beth Reed, was the video conference we had during weeks two and four. The ease of communication and the ability to connect was wonderful. We also recorded it for participants that were unable to attend. The … Continue reading Zoom, zoom…..

The Eye of the Beholder

We’ve all watched, and probably created presentations where the images are either dark, pixelated or cartoonish and thought they were fine. Well, they are not. Viewers, particularly in the last 10 years expect to be a bit dazzled by your presentation. It keeps them interested and gives them the sense that you know what you … Continue reading The Eye of the Beholder

Color, glorious color!

We’ve all been subjected to presentations, and let’s be honest created some as well, where the background is white and the text is black or dark blue. Another variation that was popular several years ago was the blue background with yellow text presentation. The theory being that you could easily see/read the presentation and because the … Continue reading Color, glorious color!

So many fonts, so little time!

I love fonts and hate them at the same time. Used well, they can make a presentation shine. Used badly, they can ruin an otherwise interesting presentation. How do you know what font to use and when? Let’s take a look shall we? According to Stephen Coles, the author of The Anatomy of Type, “We … Continue reading So many fonts, so little time!