Having fun with text and Photoshop CC 2018

In the past, I have shown many of our staff members how to put an image into text. It’s fun, easy and looks really nice, particularly if you are trying for some wow (i.e. poster title, etc.). Photoshop CC has made it a lot easier to not only add the image to the text, but … Continue reading Having fun with text and Photoshop CC 2018

Using the Select Tool in PowerPoint

I mentioned in a previous post that I make games for our staff for a variety of programs. Recently, I created a game called the pollinator game or the garden game, depending on who you ask. It is 48” x 36” and has lots of animals, insects, flowers, etc. It is colorful and hopefully fun … Continue reading Using the Select Tool in PowerPoint

Finally – PowerPoint Video

Recently, I was asked by a dear friend to create a PowerPoint presentation for her mother’s memorial service. I took the scanned photos from her son and created a presentation in minutes, using the photo album option.  This is easy to do, but not often known by PowerPoint users. Here’s how to create a Photo … Continue reading Finally – PowerPoint Video

Razzle Dazzle – Good or Bad When Presenting?

I had a conversation with some colleagues this morning about the use of technology for technologies sake, rather than for the purpose of communication. We’ve all been subject to seminars where the presenter is using the latest technology to present and end up frustrated, annoyed and without any real learning experienced. It started me thinking … Continue reading Razzle Dazzle – Good or Bad When Presenting?

Recording your PowerPoint

As we started the new school year, I got several questions about adding a PowerPoint (or other presentation software) with voice over to a course/YouTube for free/cheap easily and of good quality. I’ve talked about video before, but feel it is a good idea to visit again. Here are some options that are available to … Continue reading Recording your PowerPoint

Listen Up!

With all the turmoil going on in the world right now, it’s made me think a lot about listening and how often we don’t do it well. When we are passionate, in particular, we tend to want others to listen to us and even when we allow them to speak, we are formulating our comebacks … Continue reading Listen Up!