Razzle Dazzle – Good or Bad When Presenting?

I had a conversation with some colleagues this morning about the use of technology for technologies sake, rather than for the purpose of communication. We’ve all been subject to seminars where the presenter is using the latest technology to present and end up frustrated, annoyed and without any real learning experienced. It started me thinking … Continue reading Razzle Dazzle – Good or Bad When Presenting?

Recording your PowerPoint

As we started the new school year, I got several questions about adding a PowerPoint (or other presentation software) with voice over to a course/YouTube for free/cheap easily and of good quality. I’ve talked about video before, but feel it is a good idea to visit again. Here are some options that are available to … Continue reading Recording your PowerPoint

Listen Up!

With all the turmoil going on in the world right now, it’s made me think a lot about listening and how often we don’t do it well. When we are passionate, in particular, we tend to want others to listen to us and even when we allow them to speak, we are formulating our comebacks … Continue reading Listen Up!

Walk the Walk, Talk the Talk

Yesterday, I met with two colleagues to work on a teaching adult’s workshop.  Part of the discussion was about finding ways to change old teaching habits. For example, having a one hour class that is a one hour lecture and or PowerPoint. We’ve all been there. We’ve all tried to keep our eyes open or … Continue reading Walk the Walk, Talk the Talk

Let’s Play a Game

I usually talk about online, but would like to talk today about games for face-to-face presentations. I mentioned in an earlier post that in person is easy, but what I should have said was that it is easier. People can interact with each other in person, you can keep control, hopefully, of the progress and … Continue reading Let’s Play a Game

It’s all about community

After finishing my B.S. in Adult Education, I decided I wanted to continue in the field. The only problem was that the University of New Hampshire (UNH) had decided to fold the Adult Ed program into the K-12 program. They did not choose to offer any new courses and I had taken all the graduate … Continue reading It’s all about community

Create to Learn

I’m sure we all have stories about being a child and coming hope, filled with excitement, to tell your parents about your science project. What to make? How to make it? The possibilities were endless. As you discussed it with one or both parents, ideas were tossed about. Eventually, your parent’s ideas begin to take … Continue reading Create to Learn